I love creating unique digital portraits. They are a form of personal expression and a format where I can creatively bring out the personality of the subject in an artistic montage or tableau setting.


I work my portraits with individuals, couples, and groups. The style of the portrait can range from Formal/Traditional, Whimsical/Playful, to Personal with objects or backgrounds meaningful to you, the subject.


The most important step is our discussion about what kind of portrait you would like: montage, painting, or a combination of both.


I can deliver your portrait in many formats. Depending on the image we can produce it either on canvas, watercolor paper, or high-gloss paper. Also, there are many sizes available.


When we set up for montage portraits, we shoot you on a clean background and when we shoot tableau portraits, we set you up in an appropriate setting for a photographic portrait or painting.



For more detail on the exact process, please call or email me.