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Art Portrait Photography

    • Individual and couple photography

    • Unique art portraiture that highlights the subject's interests and personal style.

• Artful portraiture using a variety of backgrounds, attire, and techniques to best exemplify your family story.

Fine Art Portraits

Before the invention of photography, painted portraits were the only way to immortalize one’s image. Ranging from elegant and subdued to dramatic and bold, these captured personas were available only to the privileged few who could afford them. Rendered in pen, ink, paint and canvas, the sitter was captured for eternity.

Photography made portraiture a more level playing field and a wider variety of individuals could sit for their image. Early photographers played with painted backdrops and a wide variety of props to help their clients present the best view of themselves possible. As photography became less expensive and it was easy enough to take a snap, the curated portrait went by the wayside.

Photographer and fine artist, David Land is bringing back stylized, personalized portraits using a variety of digital tools at his disposal to create a vision of the sitter that is entirely unique.

“I love creating unique digital portraits,” says David, who marries his classical artistic training with his technological acumen in his work. “They are a form of personal expression and a format where I can creatively bring out the personality of the subject in an artistic montage or tableau setting.”

David makes portraits of individuals, couples, and groups. The style of the portrait can range from formal and traditional to whimsical and playful to personalized with objects or backgrounds meaningful to, the subject.

During a consultation, David works with clients to explore the possibilities of digital portraiture and helps them decide what kind of portrait best speaks to their taste and style, including traditional photography, photo montage, digital painting, or a combination of both.

The completed portrait can also be delivered in many formats. Depending on the image, it can be produced in a variety of sizes on canvas, watercolor paper, or high-gloss paper.

Many clients find they enjoy the process as much as the final product as they are an integral part of determining the digital settings and props that might be included in various possible tableaus upon which their traditional “clean background” portrait will be superimposed and digitally enhanced.

David Land welcomes potential clients to email or call to chat further about the process and possibilities of digital portraiture.